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How does LitBox work for me?

If you love books, LitBox would take you on a new experience in reading.  As you subscribe to our service, every two months you will receive a mystery box we'd like to call LitBox.  Inside is a package of three to four fiction books, curated by our resident writer, Ika Natassa.  From time to time, we will invite other writers to curate the titles.  The selections would range from newly released titles to out-of-print books our writer find interesting and enjoyable.  We will also try to score you signature copies of one of the books if we can.  We are currently inviting writers to join our LitBox for Writers program.


From time to time we will also pick one lucky LitBoxer who will receive an extra book.  This bonus title could be something off our writer's personal shelves, an out-of-print book, or a new/preowned imported book.

Inside every package, our curator of the month will insert a personal letter introducing you to the selection of books she/he picked for the LitBox.  Will we announce what titles inside the upcoming edition of LitBox?  No, because it'll be a surprise waiting for you to discover :) You'll just have to trust our curator of the month.  What if you already have one of the books inside the LitBox?  You can trade it with friends or donate to any literacy program of your choice, spreading the joy of reading.


Here's another good news for you: the price of one LitBox will be generously lower than the individual price of the books combined if you buy them at book stores.


Got any more questions about LitBox?  Check our FAQ page.

1. Sign Up

Just click the button below to sign up.  State your full name, address, and contact number in the email and our friendly admin will get back to you to complete your registration process.  Signing up for our service is FREE.

2. Preorder Your Litbox

Once you have signed up, you will receive a notification on your email when the preorder period of the next edition of LitBox will start.  Complete your preorder and payment before the deadline stated in the offering.

3. Receive, Read, Share

Your LitBox has now arrrived!  Read, discover, and share with your friends.  Write reviews in your blog or Goodreads if you'd like.  

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