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How Will LitBox Help My Business?

From time to time, publishers through their editors discovered new, talented writers they believe in and launch these writers to public by publishing their books.  But of course, the cycle of business doesn't stop there.  Publishers still need to get these new writers recognized by the market - readers.  Simply put, they need to get readers to buy the books, read them, and help promote them by writing reviews, spreading good words about the books through social media, and so on.  


This is where LitBox would be happy to help you.  You could send these new books that you want to promote to us, we will read them, and if we believe in these writers that much too, we won't hesitate to include their works inside our LitBox, getting them to the hands of our LitBox subscribers. 

They will read them, review them, and talk about them on social media.  Free buzzing for your books.


Not only that, our resident writer as the curator will also talk about the book a little bit in the personal letter we are inserting in each of the LitBox, introducing the book from the point of view of our curator.


If you would like to learn more about our LitBox for Publisher program, you can check our FAQ page or you can also contact our founder Ika Natassa at

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