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Can I Promote My Books Through LitBox?

Hundreds of new fiction books are released each month.  And each one of them is fighting for a slice of the pie in the readers' buying budget.  In our experience, readers nowadays are very selective in picking the books they want to buy.  They google the book, search people's sayings on Twitter, and read reviews on Goodreads before making the decision to buy.  


So obviously, the key to getting more people to give your book a chance is to get as many people to read them in the first week of its release. 

How can we help?  Our resident writer would be happy to read any book that you want to promote and if we find it interesting, as in "Damn, more people should read this book!", we would include your book in our next LitBox.  And you will have our abundant list of subscribers as the next readers of your books.


To get your book to be considered in the next LitBox, follow these simple steps below.  


Got any more questions about LitBox?  Check our FAQ page.

1. Send us your book

Send us a copy of your book.  Please provide details such as your contact numbers, the release date of the book, and the person we could contact at your publisher.  Please limit to one book per writer.

2. We will read it

Once you have signed up, you will receive a notification on your email when the preorder period of the next edition of LitBox will start.  Complete your preorder and payment before the deadline stated in the offering.

3. Our subscribers will read it too

We will include your book in the next edition of LitBox and voila!  Your book will meet its new readers and if they like it, they'll share on social media, blogs, and Goodreads and hopefully will attract more readers too!

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