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The followings might answer you might have about LitBox for Writers

What is LitBox?

LitBox is a subscription service where you will receive a package of 2 to 4 fiction books every two months.  The titles are curated by our resident writer, and from time to time we will also invite your favorite writers to curate our LitBox.


How to subscribe to LitBox?

You can visit our website, choose our For Readers program, and click the sign up button on the bottom of the page.  The sign up bottom will take you to your email client, then you just send that email to our admin.  If you’re having trouble to visit our page, you can directly email us at to sign up.


As a writer, how can I participate in LitBox?

In our LitBox for Writers program, we receive submissions from writers in the form of published books you may want to promote.  Send us a copy of your book (please limit to one book per period), and we will read it.  After we read your submission along with other submissions from other writers and books we searched ourselves, we will pick the 4 books that will be in our next LitBox.


How many copies of book should I send?

Just one copy and one title per period.  Please include your data in the package (your name, year of release, and the contact person and number of your publisher).


Will I get notified if my book is selected to be in the next LitBox?

Yes, we will notify you by email.  We will also contact your publisher (that's why we need the contact number and the person-in-charge at your publisher) to discuss the bulk purchase of your book.


Will I get paid if my book is selected to be in the next LitBox?

You will not receive any monetary compensation from us.  But we do hope that our LitBox subscribers will enjoy your book too that they will share it with their friends, hence kickstarting more sales for your book.


What will happen to the books that do not get selected?

All of the books submitted to us will remain in our personal library.  From time to time, we will pick some of these books to give away to our lucky LitBox subscribers.


Do you receive my writing in the form of a draft?

No, we only receive submissions in the form of published books.


I'm a self-published writer.  Can I also submit my book to LitBox to be considered in the LitBox for Writers Program?

Absolutely.  Just send us a copy of your book and we will read it too.  When your book is selected, we will talk to you directly about making bulk purhase to fill our LitBox.


Can I choose the genre of the books inside my LitBox?

No, we will also mix them up.  But all are fiction.


Is LitBox for Writers only available for famous writers?  

Absolutely not.  We receive submissions from all published writers.  Even if it's your very first book.


Do you receive submissions of books in any language?

Right now we only receive submissions in bahasa Indonesia.


I'm game!  Where do I send my book?

Email us at and we will inform you our mailing address.


Do I have to pay to participate in LitBox for Writers?  

Right now, our LitBox for Writers Program is FREE.  You don't have to pay a single dime.

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