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Got questions about LitBox for Readers?

What is LitBox?

LitBox is a subscription service where you will receive a package of 2 to 4 fiction books every two months.  The titles are curated by our resident writer, and from time to time we will also invite your favorite writers to curate our LitBox.


How to subscribe to LitBox?

You can visit our website, choose our For Readers program, and click the sign up button on the bottom of the page.  The sign up bottom will take you to your email client, then you just send that email to our admin.  If you’re having trouble to visit our page, you can directly email us at to sign up.


What kind of information I should put in my sign up email?

Your name, complete address, and contact number.


How much would it cost me to subscribe to LitBox?

The subscription to LitBox is absolutely FREE.  You will only need to pay when you decide to buy a LitBox.


So what do I get by subscribing to LitBox?

You will get our bimonthly newsletter offering you the upcoming edition of LitBox.  If you’re interested to purchase that LitBox, just follow the instruction in the email on how to preorder it.


How many types of LitBox will be available?

There will be two types of LitBox.  The first one is our Local LitBox, inside the package is 3 or 4 Indonesian fiction books.  The second one is our Mixed LitBox, which will feature 2 or 3 Indonesian and English-language fiction books.  All these titles will be curated by our resident writer of the month.


Will you be announcing the titles inside the upcoming LitBox?

No, that’s why we call it a surprise package.  You will not know what titles we have picked for our LitBox of the month until you open the package yourself.


Can I choose the books inside my LitBox?

No, all the titles are picked by our resident writer of the month.


Will the titles come from the same writer?

No, we will mix them up. 


Can I choose the genre of the books inside my LitBox?

No, we will also mix them up.  But all are fiction.


How will you decide which books will be inside a LitBox?

Our team, lead by our resident writer, will read a selection of fiction books and then pick 3 or 4 of them to be inside the next LitBox.  Our consideration will include but not limited to the plot, the characters, the story, and the way the writers tell their stories.  In short, we will only pick books that we believe you, our LitBox subscribers, should really read.


Will the Indonesian titles inside your Local LitBox be the same as the Indonesian titles inside your Mixed LitBox?



How do I buy a LitBox?

Once you have subscribe to our service, we will notify you via email when our next LitBox is available.  A month before its release, we will open preorder for 10 days by email to  Pick your LitBox (Local or Mixed), we will inform you how much you should pay and the method of payment, you complete your payment, confirm us via email, and voila, you just wait for your LitBox to arrive.


How much does a LitBox cost?

Our local LitBox is IDR 150.000 (3-4 local fiction books inside) while our mixed LitBox is IDR 200.000 (2-3 local+English-language fiction books inside).  We will update soon should there be any changes on the price.


Does the price include shipping cost?

No, shipping cost will be added to the price, and it varies depending on your address.  Our staff will inform your shipping cost when you order a LitBox.


Do I save money by buying a LitBox?

The price of a LitBox will be generously lower than the combined price of the books inside if you buy them directly at book stores.


Once I have subscribed to LitBox, do I have to buy every LitBox that you offer?

No.  The subscription entitles you to our bimonthly offering by email.  Read the offer and preorder a LitBox only when you find our offer of the month is interesting for you.


What kind of payment method do you have?

The only payment method we have right now is by bank transfer to our account at Bank Mandiri.


Can you ship overseas?  How much?

Yes.  We will inform the shipping cost when you order a LitBox.


Can I cancel my LitBox order?

You can can cancel your LitBox order at any time before you complete your payment.  Once we have received your payment, it’s not refundable and cannot be cancelled.


When will I receive my LitBox once I have completed my payment?

The date will be informed in our offering email.


What will be inside a LitBox?

2 to 4 fiction books according to your LitBox package and a letter from our resident writer talking about the books picked.  All LitBox of the same type will have the same titles in them.  We do not curate customized LitBox.


Will there be any signed books in the LitBox?

From time to time, we will ask the writer of the book to sign all LitBox packages, should the writer be available to do so.


If as it turns out, I already have the book(s) inside my LitBox or I don’t like it, can I return them and ask for a refund?

We do not have a return and/or refund policy.  You can share it with your friends or you could also donate it to any literacy program of your choice.


Can I buy LitBox in bulk as a gift or souvenir for an event?

Yes.  Just inform us via email


Will you send a LitBox literally in a box?

To maximize the cost on books, we do not package the LitBox in a box, but wrapped exclusively with our wrapping paper and plastic.  That way we don’t spend too much money on box and optimize them on your books.

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