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The followings might answer you might have about LitBox for Publishers

What is LitBox?

LitBox is a subscription service where you will receive a package of 2 to 4 fiction books every two months.  The titles are curated by our resident writer, and from time to time we will also invite your favorite writers to curate our LitBox.


How to subscribe to LitBox?

You can visit our website, choose our For Readers program, and click the sign up button on the bottom of the page.  The sign up bottom will take you to your email client, then you just send that email to our admin.  If you’re having trouble to visit our page, you can directly email us at to sign up.


What kind of arrangement do you expect from us as publishers?

Our mission at LitBox is to provide our subscribers with a box of recommended readings at a generously lower price than book stores.  To accomplish this, we hope you can provide us with a special discount when we purchase books for LitBox.


What do I get in return?

Aside from the bulk purchase we will make on your books that are selected to be in our LitBox, you could also send us books that you want to promote, we will read them, and if we believe in these writers that much too, we won't hesitate to include their works inside our LitBox, getting them to the hands of our LitBox subscribers. They will read them, review them, and talk about them on social media.  Free buzzing for your books.  Not only that, our resident writer as the curator will also talk about the book a little bit in the personal letter we are inserting in each of the LitBox, introducing the book from the point of view of our curator.


Who can I contact to discuss this more and in detail?

You can contact our founder, Ika Natassa, via this email:

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